Dragonfly Productions

Homewood Hardwoods is a licensed, bonded, fully insured, independent hardwood flooring company. All work is guaranteed. Dragonfly Productions is the artistic manifestation of time spent creatively, constructively, and with the elmental forces of life.
It is my art created through the use of the imagination, fire, and passion. The materials used in these works are bronze, clay, steel, and wood. I believe art should investigate, educate, exonerate, and be exponential to one's soul. if you need any hardwood flooring work or advise call us today (803) 727-5210.

Botanical Animal

Botanical Animal is a visual description of the thousands of elemental processes that contain and propel life. Animal and plant matter were used as basic building structures for the sculptures. Through the lost wax bronze casting technique, the actual biological and botanical existences have been removed by fire and only their residual forms remain. The molten bronze was heated to 2,000 degrees, and poured into these single-use molds. This process mirrors some of the vascular roles of transporting essential nutrition throughout living organisms by employing vein-like structures to transport liquid metal into the hollow heated molds. Within these sculptures, birth, germination, fertilization, cross-pollination, and death occur. Through this creative method, plant compositions are juxtaposed with animal forms and morph into something new.